Entertaining was in Wendi's blood at an early age when she would make her grandmother laugh with her stories and characters a la Lucille Ball, but she took a more practical route by attending college. Wendi enrolled in the University of Vermont's Business school and took graduate MBA courses at the Unversity of Connecticut. After graduating, she became a field sales representative with Pitney Bowes and Ciba-Geigy Pharmaceuticals in NYC. While in New York, Wendi still had the acting bug and applied for enrollment at Lee Strasberg Theater in New York City.

Wendi honed her craft with Meisner training from the William Esper Studios in NYC, Actors Movement and voice & speech with Shane Ann Younts. After 5 years of training, including Soap Opera & Commercial Acting classes, Wendi booked commercials, independent film work, Industrials and Infomercials as well as many print modeling jobs for Delta Dental, Power Ball- Millionairess, Radisson Hotels, IBM, Mercedes, Shape Magazine & Burlington Coat Factory.

Following Casting Director recommendations, Wendi moved to LA where she booked co-star, guest star & leading role work on TV, including "Pacific Blue", "America's Most Wanted" "Malibu, CA", "Working", and a Leading role in the experimental film "Decay of Fiction" which received excellent reviews by the NY Times & the Berlin Film Festival, MTV's "Spring Break Lawyer", "Smoke and Mirrors" and "Cloud 2000." With an interest in hosting, Wendi received her certification at UCLA's prestigious Broadcast Journalism program and shortly thereafter began hosting, and created a pilot presentation of "Inside LA", where she reported on the hottest fashion stores, restaurants and clubs giving the "Inside Scoop" on where to shop in LA. She also began writing "A Shopaholics Guide to LA", giving tips for specialty items and where to find hidden out-of-the-way boutiques that usually only a select few would know about. It was at that time that she received a call from her agent that ShopHQ was interested in having her audition to be a host on their Home Shopping channel and was she interested. Although she was on her way to the altar to get married in Beverly Hills at that very moment, she said "yes!" and was flown to Minnesota for her audition and began her career June of 2004.

Wendi's love of shopping, sales experience and love of entertaining others was perfectly suited to the skill set ShopHQ required and it quickly became the perfect 'marriage'!

In her free time Wendi loves to eat Italian food that my Italian husband Corrado cooks, watching her 7- year old daughter perform her improvised dance routines and sing, and enjoys volunteering in her community for a variety of causes related to children.

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