Media and Sales Consultant

With over 8 years of hosting experience with ShopHQ, Wendi will teach you how to sell yourself and your product on Television via Infomercials, TV Interviews/ Product Demonstrations/ Trade shows, or live to a Home Shopping audience. Any time you're interviewed by the media, or pitch your product, that is your live 5-minute 'elevator speech.' Are you ready for it? Your ability to clearly and confidently speak about yourself, your expertise and why people need you/your product is the difference between obtaining more sales or more clients. What type of message are you sending?

Wendi is skilled at crafting an impactful message to set your product apart from its competitors while teaching you to connect with your audience in a way that makes them trust you and what you are offering.

Media Coach & Presenter:

Wendi Will guide you through the process of creating a compelling, laser-focused message and presentation that will make them remember you * Learn to ace your "elevator speech"
* Learn to toot your own horn without fear of coming across arrogant (notoriously a female concern)
* What is your body language saying about you?
* If the media called you (or you had to make a crucial presentation today) would you be ready?
* Create a clear, powerful message about who you are and what you do, in under 30 seconds
* Handle media interviews like a seasoned veteran
* Deliver a compelling presentation about your company/product in 60 seconds
* What are the keys to a dynamic presentation?

Remember, 55% of your communication is non-verbal, 38% is tone of voice and only 7% is WHAT YOU ACTUALLY SAY You're communicating all the time. Make it work for you!

On Air Talent Training includes:

  1. Product analysis, helping you to create a hook about your product while crafting a sale, incorporating relevant features and benefits
  2. Live hosting simulation where you learn to interact with host, while still connecting with the viewer by being authentically YOU
  3. How to create body language and personal image that best represents your product
  4. Managing demonstrations of your products' attributes for cameras and TV
  5. You will feel more confident in presenting and demonstrating your product for television or a live interview/trade show situation

Product Developers/Inventors:

  1. Determine how to make your product more marketable to a home shopping audience
  2. What steps you need to take before presenting your product to the buyers
  3. What you need to know before you approach a buyer of Home Shopping
  4. What type of content you will need to better tell your product's story on air
  5. How to be an effective spokesperson on air
  6. If you feel TV is not for your personality, Wendi can help find you a local talent that fits your needs

Wendi has successfully trained a multitude of ShopHQ guests, models and hosts to present products live on Television with ShopHQ, and is known for her ability to make people relax, be themselves and engage with the host in a fun conversation.

Using her 15 years of experience and training as a Professional Union Actress with the prestigious Meisner (Moment-to-Moment) school of acting at the William Esper Studios & The Strasberg Institute in NYC, as well as her Improvisation training with the renowned Groundlings and Acme Comedy Improv in Los Angeles, Wendi creates an environment where you learn to converse with spontaneity in the midst of the high pressure environment of live Television sales.

For hourly rates via skype or in person, please contact Wendi at

Former Clients include:

ShopHQ Host, Heather Hall.
Wendi helped Heather to showcase her previous experience in jewelry sales so that she was able to have an informative and natural presentation using feature and benefit statements combined with story. Her success started from her first day on air as a jewelry expert guest.
ShopHQ On Air Beauty Expert, Jennifer Kline
Jennifer has parlayed her on-camera experience and knowledge of beauty, as a former Mrs. America into a successful guesting career. Wendi worked with Jennifer to streamline her knowledge and stories into an energetic presentation while conveying her warmth, humor and expertise.
ShopHQ Host, Tami Krause
Tami began as our fashion lifestyle guest and has since been hired as a full time host. Teaching her the most important elements of a sale, how to research and what types of stories to weave into a presentation were integral to her success on air.
ShopHQ Fashion Guest, Ali Carr
Ali had no prior sales experience or TV experience before Wendi worked with her to create a dynamic presentation, teaching her the elements of a successful sale and how to work on set with a camera, She is a natural!

Melissa Hall
Wendi helped Melissa Hall to present fitness equipment on ShopHQ and subsequently Slendertone. She honed her presentation to flow more naturally and spontaneously so that after many presentations, it would stay fresh. She flourished and now can be seen on HSN.